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Admission of new students

New student admissions have been opened for 17 study programs at the University of Alma Ata. Come join the University of Alma Ata!


Cooperation partners are woven in order to work together between the academic world and the working field, and they are expected to be solutions in the midst of academic needs and the industrial world.


Profiles of graduates from the Faculty of Computer Sciences include technopreneurs, working professionals in companies/organizations, academics, and more.

Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission is a planned concept which is accompanied by actions in accordance to the plan to achieve one goal.


Amenities include all the needs of students needed for easy, smooth, and supportive learning activities.


Information Technology & Communication has become a necessity in every business and social organization, in other words, there are many job opportunities in the computer field.

Informatics Engineering and Information Systems

 Information SystemsTechnical Information

Information technology

TI Information Technology, or in Bahasa Indonesia Teknologi Informasi (TI), is a general term for any technology that helps humans to make, change, store, communicate and/or disseminate information. IT performs various functions (IT Discipline/Competence) from installing applications to designing computer networks and information databases.

Information Systems

SI Information systems are a combination of information technology and activities of people who use that technology to support operations and management. In a very broad sense, the term information system that is often used refers to interactions between people, algorithmic processes, data, and technology. In this sense, this term is used to refer not only to the use of information and communication technology (ICT) organizations, but also to the ways in which people interact with this technology in supporting business processes. This specialization focuses on producing graduates who are competent in understanding business processes in various types of organizations in general with good practice and quality standards to analyze database systems and analyze, design, implement strategic information systems in business and organizational companies. This specialization produces a profession graduating from the Business Process Analyst and Database Analyst.


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