IS Study Program faceing DISRUPTION era [part 1]

IS Study Program faceing DISRUPTION era [part 1]

“We are facing a new era of disruption. This era requires disruptive regulation, disruptive culture, disruptive mindset, and disruptive marketing, “is the opinion of Prof. Rhenald Kasali in his book Disruption. Disruption stands for Disruptive Innovation, which was first coined by Clayton M. Christensen and Joseph Bower in the article “Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave” in the Harvard Business Review (1995). Disruptive Innovation is translated into Indonesian into Disruptive Innovation (innovation) is an innovation that helps create new markets, disrupt or damage existing markets, and ultimately replace the previous technology. This innovation by Prof. Rhenald Kasali allegedly will replace the entire old system with new ways and potentially replace the old physical technology with digital technology that produces something that is truly new and more efficient, also more useful.

Recently Prof. Rhenald Kasali felt that there was an inadequate understanding of disruption. Many consider disruption to be only related to information and communication technology (ICT), so disruption only changes its business to an online business or startup or business application that is driven to meet supply with demand. Such an opinion is clearly not quite right. Because disruption actually changes not only the “way” of doing business, but also its business fundamentals. Starting from the cost structure to culture, and even industrial ideology.

As an example of the disruption of new technology not from the ICT field, in the 1970s when the era of the ice cube factory was in its golden era many ice cube companies appeared. When the innovation of the refrigerator was discovered, the business of the ice cube factory was disrupted which resulted in a gradual collapse of the ice cube company because it was disruptive by the refrigerator company which made it easy for consumers to make ice cubes while simultaneously cooling and preserving food.

In the world of transportation. The car when it was first created was a revolutionary technological innovation at that time. Very luxurious and the price is very expensive so that not everyone can afford to buy. Cars cannot be called disruption for vehicles because at the time they were first discovered there were not many people who had (not yet disturbed). In short, at the time it did not interfere with the market for horse-drawn vehicles. However, when the Ford car company made the Ford Model T, this model was assembled in a factory and replaced handmade. So the price of the car at that time was very cheap. What Ford is doing is called disruption because it disrupts the market already.

One thing discussed in disruption is the resilience of an enterprise or organization in facing technological developments. Like the evolution of GIRAFF if it is not able to evolve it will not survive the era of disruption. In facing the era of disruption, understanding is not only on the technology but also on the organization and its people.

These three aspects (Human-Organizational-Technology) are studied in the Information Systems Study Program at Alma Ata University in Yogyakarta.


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